Sunday, June 28, 2015

Winger:Andrew Smith

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

Yet another great book that I picked up thanks to the YA Audience on social media. They never disappoint me.

Ryan Dean, he's smart, he's full of hormones, plays Rugby and very extensive colorful language. The love of his life Annie, is hot (according to Ryan's eyes), athletic, smart, and has some pretty awesome parents who just happen to both be doctors. Within the story there's plenty of Rugby action. Hitting, slamming, take downs, and apparently its all a nut smashing of a time (see what I did there). I know understand what Rugby is all about lol. Then you have all the side characters like Chas, JP, Joey (my absolute fave), Casey, Megan, Kevin and many more who come into the picture. I absolutely loved how Smith made all these characters flow into the story without thinking to yourself: "why is this character relevant"?

The story is funny, witty, pervy, and dramatic all in one. Although I did find myself hating Ryan a lot of the time, seriously I can't stand kids like him and his friends but in a way Smith makes us like them for being so stupid. If a writer can make me like a dummy like West then I guess you did your job well Mr. Smith. Everything is going so smooth in the novel. Dating, fooling around, more rugy, pervy jokes, and other mischievous things, and you get towards the end and you're like :

Absolutely didn't see that coming. But all in all I really enjoyed this book. It mad me laugh, made me get angry, fed up, sad and everything else. I think that's so essential when you're a writer. I definitely recommend this book.

My Rating: 5/5

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