Sunday, June 28, 2015

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula:Andi Watson

Publisher:First Second

For this being my first graphic novel, I absolutely fell in love with it. A cute and understanding story.
Even though Princess Decomposia has enough work already she also does the work of her father; the king. See the King he's always sick. ALWAYS. As a result the princess has to do a lot of work and having to wait hand and foot to her dad doesn't make things any better. on top of that she has to deal with her subjects, the mummy, the werewolf, and the ghost always tailing behind her and spying on her. The never ending paperwork is a headache, the trying to come up with something to cook, it's all too much for the Princess to tackle on her own. None addresses her by her first name, only what she's known as: The Princess.

In comes Count Spatula, the new chef with an absolute sweet tooth. He loves baking and he loves to help out the poor Princess. He sees how busy and stressed out she is and tries every which way to lay off some of the work off of her. He even refers to her by first name! When the king finds out how close the princess and the count are, he automatically calls her and tells her that the count must go! Of course, the princess refuses and she meets up with the count on the outside world to enjoy some fresh air and spend time together without any spies. But, being disrespectful to a king has just have to see what happens.

My Rating: 5/5

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