Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Back/ Future reading goals for 2016

Wow it's been a few months since I've reviewed a book, I fell off the reading wagon because of work. I've been working very hard the last few months not only at work but also on my weight. I lost a good 61 lbs and I feel amazing, and the past few weeks I've been working out of state, but I am back because I want to get back on my reading binges. I finished my first book today since my last one a few months ago. Will be posting a review for that one, so look out.

2016 is literally right around the corner and I definitely want to set my reading goal to reading at least 70 books for 2016. My TBR pile is out of control. What are your reading goals for 2016?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula:Andi Watson

Publisher:First Second

For this being my first graphic novel, I absolutely fell in love with it. A cute and understanding story.
Even though Princess Decomposia has enough work already she also does the work of her father; the king. See the King he's always sick. ALWAYS. As a result the princess has to do a lot of work and having to wait hand and foot to her dad doesn't make things any better. on top of that she has to deal with her subjects, the mummy, the werewolf, and the ghost always tailing behind her and spying on her. The never ending paperwork is a headache, the trying to come up with something to cook, it's all too much for the Princess to tackle on her own. None addresses her by her first name, only what she's known as: The Princess.

In comes Count Spatula, the new chef with an absolute sweet tooth. He loves baking and he loves to help out the poor Princess. He sees how busy and stressed out she is and tries every which way to lay off some of the work off of her. He even refers to her by first name! When the king finds out how close the princess and the count are, he automatically calls her and tells her that the count must go! Of course, the princess refuses and she meets up with the count on the outside world to enjoy some fresh air and spend time together without any spies. But, being disrespectful to a king has just have to see what happens.

My Rating: 5/5

Winger:Andrew Smith

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

Yet another great book that I picked up thanks to the YA Audience on social media. They never disappoint me.

Ryan Dean, he's smart, he's full of hormones, plays Rugby and very extensive colorful language. The love of his life Annie, is hot (according to Ryan's eyes), athletic, smart, and has some pretty awesome parents who just happen to both be doctors. Within the story there's plenty of Rugby action. Hitting, slamming, take downs, and apparently its all a nut smashing of a time (see what I did there). I know understand what Rugby is all about lol. Then you have all the side characters like Chas, JP, Joey (my absolute fave), Casey, Megan, Kevin and many more who come into the picture. I absolutely loved how Smith made all these characters flow into the story without thinking to yourself: "why is this character relevant"?

The story is funny, witty, pervy, and dramatic all in one. Although I did find myself hating Ryan a lot of the time, seriously I can't stand kids like him and his friends but in a way Smith makes us like them for being so stupid. If a writer can make me like a dummy like West then I guess you did your job well Mr. Smith. Everything is going so smooth in the novel. Dating, fooling around, more rugy, pervy jokes, and other mischievous things, and you get towards the end and you're like :

Absolutely didn't see that coming. But all in all I really enjoyed this book. It mad me laugh, made me get angry, fed up, sad and everything else. I think that's so essential when you're a writer. I definitely recommend this book.

My Rating: 5/5

Still Room for Hope: Alisa Kaplan


I picked this book up in the library and read the synopsis and was immediately intrigued by it. I must say I've been n a reading rut for a while and also because I was taking two extensive classes and barely had time to read. I finished this book in three days simply because I had to work and had to put it aside, otherwise I really think I could've finished this book in a day. I really enjoyed this book a lot. This story is simply powerful and refreshing at the end.

Alisha Kaplan was just sixteen years old when she was gang raped by three boys (one of which was her so called boyfriend)at a beach house party. These were her so called friends at that. Her three friends had oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her unconscious body, first on the couch and then on a pool table. They slapped her and pinched her as well as making signs to each other that she was still out cold. They continued this assault on Alisa for more than forty minutes,, mean mugging the camera pretending they were some badass gangsters. They did this all while repeatedly assaulting her with the end of a pool cue,a snapple bottle, a juice can, and a lit cigarette;she had been drugged. After her brutal rape, Alisa went on a downward spiral of relying on booze to make her feel better, and eventually it's just went downhill even further than that. She started experimenting with Meth and eventually ended up becoming a Meth addict. She was really in her lowest of lows. She started not to care about her appearance (something she always made sure was always perfect looking), she didn't shower, she started to develop those open scabs that meth heads develop when they start scratching from the creepy crawly sensation you get on your skin, she started to hang out with boyfriends that beat her repeatedly and got her high all day everyday, she started to sleep in drug house that were covered in filth, sleeping behind a dumpster at a McDonalds on an awful stained mattress. Everyday things just seemed to go even more wrong for Alisa. The media was harassing her family, following them around, overall making their life a living hell.

After she went through the ups and downs of her situation, Alisa got the help she needed from a rehab center, and she found a relationship with God after accompanying her mother on a church retreat. Being on that retreat helped open her eyes to everything that was happening with her rape and that she shouldn't blame her self for it. She became an advocate for all women out there who has been through sexual assault. She's heavily involved with her church and everyday was a growing experience for her.

I must say again this book was so good. I admire the fact that she overcame her assault(well almost) and stopped blaming herself for what happened to her. I must admit I was so angry when I read that everyone was calling her a whore and other mean and nasty stuff over something that tragically happened to her. I mean how can you really just sit there and defend those poor excuses for human beings? The courts were even worse on the stand, making her feel even more guiltier and making her out to be total trash. I felt so many emotions reading this book, it really just amazes me how disgusting and vile people are. What's even worse is that the people who did this to her were her own so-called friends. This story hits a bit to home because I had a co-worker who at the time was a friend and she was going through a similar situation, and the tragic part of it is that she is now dead because of a heroine overdose. It's truly sad.

I encourage everyone out there to read this book and let the message sink in as well if you're a survivor of a tragedy like this. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! you can get help and there will be someone out there for you willing to stay by your side and help you out.

My Rating: 5/5

Monster: Walter Dean Myers

Publisher: Amistad

Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

I've been wanting to read this book since I started seeing it all over Social media. I'm really glad I actually gave it a chance.Eleanor isn't your average girl. In fact, she's the weird one. She has big curly red hair (sorta like brave)she's chubby, wears weird clothes and she's shy. Of course, because of her awkwardness she gets teased and harassed in school on a daily basis. not to mention the fact that things at home aren't exactly peachy keen for Eleanor, adding stress to her already discombobulated life.Park is a boy fascinated by comics, rock music, black clothing, and most of all....Eleanor. At first, it seems like these two cannot stand the mere existence of each other but, as the days go by and the more of each other they see, Eleanor & Park start to develop a special bond, bringing her comic books, and cassette tapes everyday for her. They eventually start talking to each other and develop strong attraction and feelings for each other that neither one can't seem to explain. After being ridiculed for so long, she can't believe someone likes her with such an intensity like Park has for her....heck even love her as much as he does. As they go through this journey together of pure romantic bliss and awkward situations, they grow inseparable more and more everyday. Until one night...a huge problem arises with Eleanor's step father and she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life... I really enjoyed this book. It easily became one of my absolute favorite books. I highly recommend it. It's romantic, sad, makes you frustrated and angry. I can honestly say that I had many emotions going through me while reading this book. And while I love it I hope maybe there's a part 2? There's just too many unanswered questions.

My Rating: 5/5

Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

Now that I finished now what? Who will accompany me in my bed at night? lol.
I realize even more now when people say how heartbreaking it is to finish a really good book. I absolutely feel like that right now. I picked up this book at the library not realizing that the author that wrote this book is the same one that wrote Eleanor & Park. i realize now why everyone loves this author and her books. She is just simply amazing!! I could not put this book down. It took me 3 days to finish but only because I was sick. Let's break down the characters now shall we?

Cather: I can relate to her as a character. She's a quiet girl who dissolves in the fan-fiction world. She's real close to her sister, and in a way has a little kid in her still. I also love the fact that she's caring towards everyone, but she really lacks self-confidence and discipline. Just like me. I'm pretty sure she is the way she is because she never had her mother around, and that's least to me because i too grew up without a mother.

Wren: I disliked Wren from the very beginning. I thought that she was a total brat and a jerk to her sister. Of course, I started taking a bit of a liking to her at the end, but, I still didn't really like her. She had issues, and she was way too hard-headed. What made me even more mad is how she didn't want to be around her sister when she got to college. Or when she didn't tell Cather about talking to their mother.

Levi: I really had no problem with Levi until he was caught in the kitchen of his party kissing another girl. My inner guy wanted to jump through the pages and punch him square in that jaw of his. But, I did think he was a sweetheart. He truly cared for cather and I'm glad they got together.

Nick: He's a jerk for taking credit for a story that him and Cather wrote together. Bottomline total D-bag.

Reagan: She's was weird and a jerk also in her own way. Wasn't too fond of her either.

I really enjoyed this book, like ALOT! I wasn't too crazy about the story that Cather was writing, mainly because I'm not a Vampire story fan like that. But, I thought it was very creative of the author to put in the book. Overall, I highly recommend the book. It's a page turner and you will definitely get lost in the story and into the characters.

Happy Reading!

My Rating: 5/5

A Long Way Gone: Ishmael Beah

Publisher: Sarah Crichton Books

This book was so difficult to read just on the violence the rebels inflicted on Ishmael, his family, his friends, and his friend's families. I haven't ever read book like this, that talked about the violence going on in Africa; the rebels had no remorse for anything. I often wondered how the rebels had no guilty conscious of what they did or if they had families or kids themselves. It's horrible what Ishmael and countless other had to endure day in and day out to try to survive. Kids shouldn't have to go through all this. I was extremely happy to see when Ishmael finally got to the village where the Government Army was because he had shelter, protection, and food, but in a way was disappointed that they used kids as young as 7 years old to fight in the war against the rebels. I understood their purpose, but it was a never ending cycle. I was even more elated when UNICEF came to rescue Ishmael and some of his friends even though Ishmael and his friends were reluctant to accept the help at first. I understood their fear and not being able to trust anyone. These kids endured great tragedies. Overall I am very happy that this story ended with happiness and Ishmael was able to get the help he needed and that he's an advocate for all child soldiers in Sierra Leone. i would definitely recommend this books to anyone, and don't bother getting it on kindle for a cheaper cost, there's just some books that you should buy and keep on a shelf.

My Rating: 5/5

Drake II: Deja king

Publisher:A King Production

That is all I can say about this book. I read Drake and I couldn't wait to get my hands on Drake II. I literally breezed through this book and just finished it. In my opinion book 2 was a definite banger. This book had drama and action from the first chapter and I couldn't put it down.

Cindy and Drake continue their path to destruction and continue chasing the money they desperately want. I actually liked that Cindy got together with Drake. I felt like she was the one that was destined to change him for the better, and vice versa. I was definitely rooting for a happy ending for this one and I am glad that I actually got that. King definitely didn't disappoint with this one...or for any of her books. No long review needed. A few words explains just how good this book was.

My Rating: 4/5

Drake: Deja King

Publisher:A King Production

I haven't been keeping up with King's books lately after the b. series (which I have to read again). But when I went to the library and saw it on the shelf, I knew I had to give it a go. I started reading it and was immediately hooked. The story Pulled me in and the characters intrigued me. Well, I can say this much, I hated Drake with a passion. Mostly because he was a player who wanted his cake and to eat it too. I simply cannot stand when guys play with women's emotions, especially a woman whose been by his side and is giving him a child. But, I also blame Kim (Drake's girl;one of them at least) for being air headed and staying with him.

The book was full of action and drama drama drama. I do admire the fact that Cindy is one of those women that you just cannot mess with, although she's had a few mishaps of her own. I hope in the next book her and Drake meet in the middle, and you know live that happily ever after story. I won't post a huge review so as not to give the book away, however, you will like the book.

My Rating:5/5

The Secrets of Silk: Allison Hobbs

Publisher:Strebor Books

Where can I start with this one? Allison Hobbs doesn't disappoint me with any of her novels. When I was reading this book I simply could not put it down. I probably would've finished it in one day if it wasn't for work.I really experienced a whole bunch of emotions reading this book.

Silk was a Louisiana native, light-skinned, and a full blown sex pot. Everywhere that she goes she turns heads, starts trouble, and leaves broken hearts. Big Mama, her only known Guardian, uses the powers of voodoo and her swamps to perfect her spells and uses other, she we say "natural ingredients" to perfect her spells. Silk on the other hand uses the power of her poontang to get what she wants. The novel takes place in the 1950's and 1960'. Allison writes about shiny caddies, juke box joints with bars, colored boys and girls. I personally loved the historical context within the novel, I think she did a great job being descriptive. What's even better is the fact that I could picture it all in my mind. Silk and Big Mama's relationship is what really took me for a loop. the relationship they have is not quite normal. It's dirty, perverted, and absolutely taboo (really made me sick to be honest). After having sexcapades in the swamp that eventually ended up in murder, Silk hauls ass and ends up in Chester, Pennsylvania to continue her sex-filled, money scheming, murdering rampage, as well as bamboozling people in the process. I really needed to regroup sometimes to process all the lies and trickery she used to get her ways. I've read some pretty sick stories of people doing awful things, but Silk tool sick to a whole new level. It's bad enough she thought some pretty graphics and horrendous things, but to actually carry out those thoughts is beyond crazy and evil. She didn't spare anyone's life, not her husband, not the men she carried on with behind her husband's back, not even the poor children. Without a shadow of a doubt Silk is one of the most unethical, deranged, evil, and unmoral human being I've ever encountered in a book. I highly recommend this book. I swear it will make you smack your own mama.

My Rating: 5/5

Mexican High: Liza Monroy

Publisher:Spiegel & Grau

Meet Milagro aka Mila. Mila is the daughter of an American Diplomat. She's been moved all over the place because of her mother's job. Finally, Mila's mother ends up in Mexico for Mila's Senior year of High School. And like any teenager in a different school and country she feels out of place and vulnerable. She longs to fit in with the fresas who have everything they could possibly want, with parents who don't care what their kids do, because they also live their own little lives. There's also the fact that Mila is desperate to find out who her father is, however, her mother doesn't want to spill the beans because Mila's mother made an agreement with her father. And so begins Mila's journey in Mexico, where she starts hanging with the wrong crowd, starts taking drugs, has sex with boys,looks for her father and tries to desperately fit in with the fresas. You can't forget about the violence overtaking Mexico, where all the politicians seem to be getting knocked down one by one by the drug cartel as well. Follow Mila on her journey in Mexico.

I've seen a lot of reviews on this book, a lot of them not so appeasing, but I am the type of person that doesn't get discouraged about other's views on a book. Usually people don't have the same tastes so I like to make my own observations and give my own thoughts on the book. I really enjoyed this book and it was entertaining. Also a lot of people are saying that some of the stuff about Mexico isn't true in the book. I don't know what news other people watch but the drug cartel is big in Mexico. Yes, they do kill people for the hell of it, they do kidnap people and kill them as well. The major targets right now in Mexico is the Gruperos, which are groups of Mexican members who are singers that usually sing about drugs and other controversial subjects taking place in Mexico.

I would recommend it.

My Rating: 5/5

Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern

Publisher:Gallery Books

When I heard about this book it was basically through the Girl Meets World Facebook page. I definitely had to buy this book. Hello!! my teenage years circled around Boy Meets World and other 90's family shows. All I can say is that I simply adored this book. Danielle is just so full of life, witty, entertaining, and she's so down to earth and is a regular person. She isn't one of those stuckup celebrities and she definitely didn't forget where she came from. She's actually happy and acknowledges that she's Topagna. I love the little snippets she gave us when she was on set of BMW. I was reading reviews on goodreads complaining how she's boring blah blah and how she shouldn't be writing, well guys this is her first book. Even seasoned authors don't have a perfect first book. I would definitely recommend this book. Brings back memories.

My Rating: 5/5

Blossom Street Brides: Debbie Macomber

Publisher:Ballantine Books

I always have a sense of calmness when I read Debbie Macomber's novels. I started reading the Blossom street series a few years ago, and I was hooked. Of course, when I saw a new one came out I had to get it.

Lauren: Lauren goes out with handsome news anchor Todd. She's been waiting for years for Todd to pop the big question. Todd however is too caught up with his own job and life to even give marriage a thought. Frustrated and tired of waiting, Lauren decides to move on and give a certain different kind of guy a chance...

Bethanne and Max: Bethanne and Max are married and in love however, there's one problem....Max has his job in California and Bethanne has her business in Seattle. Their marriage is suffering because of the long distance. To make matters worst Bethanne's ex husband and her daughter are making her and Max's life a living hell.

an who can forget Lydia Goetz. Owner of A Good Yarn. Of course, she's happily married to her husband brad and has a wonderful family. However, lately she's been real concerned about the future of A Good Yarn, her mother's decking health, as well as the horrible nightmares her daughter, Casey, is having lately. But, when she finds out what her daughter did for her, it will make you happy.

Join these three women as they take you for an emotional roller coaster.

My Rating: 5/5

Prepaid Mistress: Kendall Banks

Publisher:Life Changing Books

Prepaid Mistress 2 was just as explosive, twisted, and full of surprises as the first book. In PM2 Coryn is still up to her sick ways and escorting herself while she is engaged to long time childhood friend Bumper aka Gideon. They try to make their relationship work and move on with their lives, but with Coryn's past constantly exploding in her face, doing so is impossible. Coryn finally has an opportunity to meet the son that was taken away from her when she went to the doctor's office, after Eleanor Reynold's gets in touch with Coryn for an opportunity to work for her to get closer to her son, Shane.

Of course, she accepts and starts to plot on how to win her son back. But with the betrayal of a long lost relative, an employer, and her fiancee...Coryn's life starts to take a downward spiral and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and deserves, of course wreaking havoc and ruining people's lives is part of the equation too.

Welfare Grind: Kendall Banks

Publisher:Life Changing Books

I started this book and was immediately sucked in to the story at hand. I hated Keema so much. She was down right trifling. I have never seen someone go through the extremities she did just to have money. She killed and stole to get what she wanted, and to make matters worse she was selfish, especially to her kids. In my opinion she never really loved them, she only pretended to and tolerated them because they gave her what she wanted....which was her food stamps. I mean she easily dropped them off anywhere without a second thought. Everything that Keema went through was karma hitting her back for all the pain and damage she caused to all her loved ones for being selfish,greedy, and stupid. I can't wait to the second part of this book.I want to know what happens with her and treasure. I am glad I gave this book a chance.

My Rating: 5/5

Champagne Life: Nicole Bradshaw

Publisher:Strebor Books

I absolutely loved this book. The plot of the book definitely grabbed my attention to the end.

Naomi works at a bank where everyday she dreads going to her job and dealing with rude customers and most of all her annoying co-worker Jeremy.
Deshaun works as a server for a high end restaurant where he constantly gets hit on by drunk high society women, and also where he meets a woman named Jenn.

When both Deshaun and Naomi lose their jobs, reality sets in and their financial situation gets a little rough and do everything they can to earn a dollar. When Naomi suggests to Deshaun to court Jenn, she receives more than she bargained for and eventually Deshaun starts to fall for Jenn. As a result Naomi rushes to the arms of Jeremy....This and many more things happen in this roller coaster ride of a novel....

Read it you won't regret it.

My Rating: 5/5

Flowers in the Attic: V.C. Andrews

Publisher:Pocket Books

I never read any of VC Andrews work but I came across the movie on lifetime and was instantly drawn in. I went to my local Barnes and Noble and bought the whole series.

I was pleasantly surprised about how much more detailed the book was.

We all know the story it's about a mother and her four kids. The father Christopher died in a tragic accident and as a result of their debt the mother takes her four children to her wealthy parents home. A home surrounded by wealth, lies, secrets, and deceit.

The kids are taken there with many false promises made to them by their mother. They are put in a room which their evil grandmother locked them up with a key. She tells them never to make a sound and to always clean up after themselves and to never commit any acts of sin for a God is always watching them. Eventually the grandmother tells them about the attic, which the kids end up fixing up and playing in. Testing their imagination, reading, etc. what was supposed to be a few days turned into weeks then into months and eventually years that these poor kids were locked up with no medical attention, no great food, no air, no sunshine, no kids of their own age. Their mother would be gone for long periods of time and never would pay attention to her youngest two; the twins. Her two teenagers had to grow up maturely at a young age and as a result of being deprived of being around kids their own age and not being able to control their own hormones they committed incest. For all they ever known was each other and being the parents to the twins that their mother never was....this and many more happens in this novel. A money hungry mother, a evil grandmother, and 4 neglected and confused kids....

This novel made all my emotions come out. Especially with the mother and grandmother what a bunch of evil witches.

My Rating: 5/5

Prepaid Mistress 1: Allison Grace

Publisher:Peach Dollhouse

All I can say is wow. This book was awesome. A little grammatical errors here and there but it surely didn't take away from the storyline.

Coryn lost both her parents at a young age. The one person who loved her the most got taken away from her, then her mother started treating her like crap in a regular because she saw just how much her father loved her.

As Coryn grew up into an adult, she knew nothing of the word love, even when the love of her life was right in front of her all along. She slept around for money until two tragedies happened in her life that made her rethink what she wanted to do with the rest of her life...

My Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Hotel Vendome: Danielle Steel

Pages: 336
Publisher:Delacorte Press

The hotel was old, run-down. But to Swiss-born Hugues Martin, a young, ambitious hotelier trained in the most illustrious European traditions, it is a rough diamond, tucked away on a quiet, perfectly situated Manhattan street. After begging and borrowing every penny he can scrape together, Hugues purchases the building—and transforms it into one of the world’s finest luxury hotels.Under Hugues’s tireless, exacting supervision, the Hotel Vendôme is soon renowned for its elegance, its efficiency, its unparalleled service and discretion—the ideal New York refuge for the rich and famous, as well as a perfect home for Hugues’s beautiful young wife and their daughter. But when his wife runs off with a notorious rock star, Hugues is suddenly a single parent to four-year-old Heloise—who will grow up happily regardless, amid a fascinating milieu of celebrities, socialites, politicians, world travelers, and the countless hotel employees who all adore her.As the years pass, Hugues and the hotel are the center of Heloise’s life, a universe of unexpected mysteries and pleasures, crises and celebrations that make every day magical. She longs to follow in her father’s footsteps and one day run the Vendôme with him. New challenges mark her way: an unexpected romance for Hugues and her own journey to hotel school in Switzerland. The lessons she has learned at her father’s side, in their exciting upstairs/downstairs world, will carry her through it all, as they illuminate a story no reader will forget.
Welcome to the Hotel Vendôme.
My View:
I love Danielle Steel. I love her writing and I love how easily lovable her characters are and how easily I can hate them too. I was immediately sucked into this book as many of her books do to me. I was actually surprised that nothing tragic happened like it always happens in her books besides the fact that hugues got a heart attack. I really admired the relationship that Heloise and her father had. It's one that you don't hear about very often in society. I was rather upset at how her mother left her and her father abandoned to go chasing after a druggie rockstar, and even more because she didn't make the effort to try to be,communicate, or love her daughter like she deserved it. I was also very happy to read that Heloise wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and start being in the hotel business like her father. I felt bad for him when she went away for school and then the internship. He was truly heartbroken but, he was able to be a little happy with Natalie. When he told his daughter about him and Natalie and she overreacted the way she did she portrayed herself as being so selfish. I mean she left to go to school and be with a guy and didn't care how her dad would feel alone? So why didn't he deserve to be happy also?.Overall I enjoyed this book and am not going to tell you detail for detail because have to see for yourself, but I loved how things came out in the end. I highly recommend this book.

My Stars: 5/5

Growing Pains: K.P. Smith


Kendra smith is a teenager going through many problems in her life. She has to deal with the lack of money in her family as well as the constant fighting between her parents because of the lack of money. Kendra younger sister is starting to realize the fighting between her parents and starts to question her sister. Not having enough of that Kendra has to deal with the fact that she might not be able to go to her dream school The Academy. Kendra also has a best friend named Katrina whose also going to the ACademy but the difference is is that Katrina can afford to go. Kendra also has to deal with trying to make it on the cheerleading team and trying to get the boy that she liked named Jamie to like her.This book absolutely outlines what most teenagers are probably going through now in their lives. I highly recommend this book to be used in High School classrooms in English class so students can relate to something instead of reading boring books that wont motivate them. KP Smith did an phenomenal job writing this book and keeping you engaged in it.
Get this book!!

My Rating: 5/5

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Manswappers: Cairo

Publisher: Strebor Books

Meet Persia,Pasha,and Paris 3 identical triplet beauties who share everything. Their house, their traveling, their clothes, and.....their MEN!.....**screech** wait what? Yes!, they share their men. They are 3 sisters who have no shame in their sex game and they prove it every time when they share a man in their bed. 3 kinky and nasty women who have no boundaries. Well, they do have certain rules though. First, the men can't be committed in any relationship whatsoever. Second, once you date one sister, you date them all!. But something goes wrong. Paris and Pasha start getting too comfortable with their specific man, and they are keeping it a secret from their sister Persia. But what happens when they find out it's the same man? Lies,secrets, and raunchy raw sex are all entangled in this book.
My View:
I absolutely loved this book, Cairo never disappoints me when he writes. His books are always hot,steamy, and full of drama. I am not into the whole swapping thing but I like how the 3 sisters stood up for what they enjoyed and believed in. Especially when in came to their excuse my french...bitch of a woman. That woman so goddamned evil and really took a disliking to her almost immediately. I hated how she always put her daughters down every chance she got, especially in front of people. Knowing damn well she was no saint either when she was also letting her husband screw around and sharing him with other women. "Just for the sake of the kids" that's the most stupidest thing I ever heard. No woman or man should put up with a cheating spouse just for the sake of the children. Anyway, another person who got on my nerves was Persia. She was so unselfish and she liked to control her sisters way too much. No wonder they were afraid to tell her about the separate men in their life that they were falling for. And the fucked up part how she played herself as Paris so she could have sex with Desmond. That was beyond low. All in all I enjoyed this book very much. Was never repetitive, had alot of drama, and steamy sex scenes. You made another bestseller Cairo! Happy customer and reader.

My Rating: 5/5

Deep Throat Diva: Cairo

Publisher:Strebor Books

Ms. Pasha Willows has it all a 4K Diamond engagement ring, successful owner of a great successful beauty salon and lives in a great condo. She drives an expensive car, and is always shopping and on top of that has a handsome soon-to-be husband. Sounds like the perfect life right? But even while having all these things, Pasha desires something else, something so impossible and something so unethical. She has a deep dark secret that noone but her knows of....or does someone else know?
Pasha's soon to be husband is locked up for 5 years and before he left he clearly said to her that he didn't want her to sleep around on him EVER! Pasha of course agreed to never step out on him as far as having sex with another man is concerned. Pasha as a woman has needs so she found an alternative to crave those needs without having to exactly having to have sex with a man. She posts an Ad online for services to men. What Kind? giving blow jobs. Pasha gets tons of e-mails everyday on the services she gives, and after she finds a suitable person, she makes arrangements to meet up with them and she performs oral sex on them. What makes this more interesting is that Pasha aka Deep Throat Diva gives the best head to any guy. She has tricks that even porn stars wish they could do. Pasha has become so obsessed with this new hobby of hers that she just can't seem to quit no matter how many times she says she's gonna stop, she just never does. Then one of her late night bj's takes a tun for the worst when of the guys starts stalking and harassing Pasha because she wouldn't give him oral anymore. He makes her life a living hell and Pasha starts to get worried that her double life will soon catch up to her. And it indeed does start. Starting off with her crazy control freak of a bf she has constantly accusing her of cheating. Then the psycho who is stalking her kidnaps her from the parking lot of a mall and takes her to a place where she is forced to perform oral sex on 6 guys. Humiliated and defeated she obeys and does what she has to do. After that they dump her on the street and is found and taken to a hospital, her bf was there, supposedly sick and worried for her. At the end...all comes to light and guess who knew all along about her double life.....?
This book was filled with twists and turns, suspense, and mind blowing sex. For all the people who say that Cairo doesn't have a plot in this one...hmm you must be blind and not have been paying attention to what you were reading. This book definitely keeps you wanting more and more. If you really look into this story you will see that Pasha is exactly like Alex in: "Daddy Long Stroke" by Cairo also.
All in All great book!

My Rating: 5/5

Millionaire Mistress: Tiphani Montgomery

Publisher:Life Changing Books

Yet another great read from Tiphani and I am not disappointed at all. I have read alot of reviews...well not so much reviews but comments about how this booked sucked and the writer doesn't know how to write or keep a good story. I am going to say wrong, well that's my opinion, Tiphani did a great job in keeping me focused on the story at hand and never once did I get bored. When I am reading a book I am not so anal about petty little mistakes in the writing, now if you were to read: "Taboo" by Yoshe then, you can say oh ugh horrible writing. That book was just too ghetto for me, however I have been following the Millionaire Mistress series since I first heard about it and this definitely left me gasps, anger, and sadness. Chloe was a super bitch in this book, and I wish nothing but the worst. Even after all the damage that she did to Oshyn and Brooklyn and suffered the consequences she still went ahead and created more chaos.
I was mad at Brooklyn for pushing aside the fact about the warnings Oshyn was giving him, and then when he finally realized what Oshyn was saying at his cousin's funeral it was a bit too late because he got killed...or so we think. I had my doubts and in the end I was right Brooklyn wasn't dead and it was too late for Oshyn because she offed herself thinking that Chloe had killed her kids. I also loved when Tommy screwed over Chloe in the end because she thought he was going to leave him he inheritance, and to top it off he faked his death. All in all I found this book very interesting and it kept my attention. Looking forward to part #4

My Rating 5/5

Cheaper to Keep Her: Unique

Publisher:K.S. Publications

Lynise Carter was working at a strip club as a bartender. The name of the club was Magic City. Day in and out she had to mix drinks and listen to loser guys talk about their life as well as hit on her on a nightly basis. In the club her best friend and roommate named Diamond worked as a stripper. She was the stripper that brought in all the money. One night a smooth cat by the name of Duke Carrington was trying to talk to Lynise. But she wouldn't have it. She was tired of all the heartbreak and wouldn't fall for a man like Duke ever again. Of course, everyone knew about Duke. He was a big time gambler and loan shark, and when it came to women he had no problem spending big paper. That alone made him the perfect man for Lynise. Lynise gave him a chance after her friend Diamond convinced her to date him. They went out and he spent alot of money on her, was the perfect gentlemen etc etc. He finally offered for her to move in with him to one of his condos and she accepted gladly. Now Duke is the type of arrogant guy that tries his hardest to get what he wants. But then Lynise starts noticing that Duke doesn't come home, leaves all the time and basically doesn't spend time with her in the condo. She tries to talk to him about it but then he gets upset and asks her if what he does isn't good enough for her. She like an idiot stays with the treatment he gives her.
Lynise has also been hearing around the grapevine that Duke is running an illegal baby snatching ring with a Doctor friend of his. Of course, Lynise looked into this and found lots of evidence which she made sure to make copies of just in case....All in all she also had to worry about Diamond her best friend too because she thought Diamond was using drugs when they made a pact to never use them. And on top of that Diamond was in an abusive relationship with a guy Diamond could not stand at all. Slowly but surely Lynise started to really see Duke's colors and she also found out that he was getting married to some other chick in Virginia Beach. She was livid. So, she set out to destroy Duke Carrington. She called all his businesses and froze everything, cancelled everything, she basically was crumbling everything Duke was working hard for. When Duke found this out he barged into the house while Lynise was trying to make a getaway with his money and beat her up and threw her in the street like trash. Eventually Lynise was trying to get jobs everywhere round town but Duke trashed her name everywhere, saying she was a thief and could not be trusted. Lynise was surely in a mess. Lunise was also watching the news one night and saw that a 16 year old was murdered and she recognized her as one of the many girls Duke took the babies from. She of course blackmailed Duke with this and said she wanted 100,000 and she would not say nothing. Duke didn't take very lightly to her threats and had her best friend Diamond 'kidnapped". Little did Lynise know that Diamond and Duke were in Cahootz for a while plotting against Lynise the whole time they were dating. Diamond and Duke were sleeping together and everything. In the end Lynise was charged with many bogus charges that she had no dealing with. How will things work out for Lynise in Cheaper to Keep Her Part 2?

My Rating: 5/5

Shady: Dell Banks

Publisher:Heir to the Throne Publications

I won this book in a giveaway and it didn't disappoint me at all. For it being Dell's first novel he wrote well.
From the beginning Giselle had a tough life in the hands of her evil witch mother called Gretta. Gretta was nothing but a bitter and jealous old hag towards Giselle because Giselle was beautiful and because she had alot going for her. Something Gretta always wanted but could never get. Giselle was definitely a ghetto Cinderella. And her mother was the evil mother. Dell brought all the characters to life and added hot and spicy sex to the mix as well as lying, deceit, and of course shadiness. The best spicy sex scene was with the detective. Who doesn't like a good sex scene right?
The book was definitely full of drama. The title lives up to the name because everything done was completely shady especially Jodi's stank ass. OMG! can you say I wanted kill Jodi for being a heartless, self- centered, egotistical jerk? I mean he really didn't give two flying eff's about his kids that were about to be born or when they were born for that matter! Even after they were born he referred to them as bastards that would ruin his image. What also mad me mad about Jodi is how he threw the idea of abortion around like it was an idea to go walk in the park or something. What a trifiling dude. And please don't start me on Sequoia.I knew that chick was shady from the beginning...yet another person jealous of Giselle's success. I absolutely loved Shady I cannot wait for Part 2!!!
So what are you waiting for get your copy today!!

My Rating: 5/5

Scandalicious: Allison Hobbs

Publisher:Strebor Books

Solay is the proud owner of Scandalicious, a trendy cupcake boutique that's raking in the dough. Practically married to her business, Solay does not have time for romance or it's complications. What she needs is a friend with benefits. When she hires a gorgeous male escort, she believes she's found the perfect solution. Addicted to his incredible bedroom skills, Solay soon discovers that being "whipped" is as distracting as being in love. Lincoln has been a faithful husband for seven years. His world collapses when he discovers that his trophy wife has been cheating. Though she pleads for forgiveness, he simply can't. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his ability to forgive?
Melanee is a quiet assistant baker by day and part of a secret sex society at night.
What happens when you combine sweet treats, explosive sex, and dirty little secrets is absolutely Scandalicious!

My Thoughts:
I was very excited to start Allison's new book Scandalicious. So I went to Target and bought it and started to read it, instantly I was sucked in by the storyline. Solay owns a cupcake shop and she eats, breathes, and sleeps Scandalicious.On the menu? Scandalous cupcakes that taste and sound sexy. Yes...I said it sexy tasting cupcakes! Her love life absolutely sucks...well that is until she hires a male escort named Dion to take care of all her needs. And I do mean these two have amazing, incredible nasty sex. (Just the way I like my books written).
Then you have Lincoln, whose having incredibly bad sex. His wife just doesn't know her way around the bedroom? hmm...wonder why though? Lincoln finds out that she's actually saving the good sex for her lover. Mr. Raheem the mechanic. Of course, Lincoln finds out and is ready to kill....literally!! But he hires the wrong person for the job and things take a turn for the worse.
Melanee, the strange little assistant baker whose into some major kinky acts at night after she leaves the bake shop. This chick was just plain strange in every word. I mean I can understand getting a little rough in the bedroom for a little pleasure but she takes rough to another level. I felt Colden was a total asshole who was full of himself and felt people should bow to his feet. Even though Melanee enjoyed being treated like that by Colden I really think took to a different level. Obviously Melanee was looking for love and caring in all the wrong places.
Then there's Vidal. Boy is he a character. I didn't consider him funny I saw him as a sarcastic ass who got away with wayyy too much mess being that that wasn't his shop to begin with.
All in all I was not disappointed with I ever? Nope. I am hoping that there is a Part 2 to this.
My Rating: 5/5

Daddy's House: Azarel

Publisher:Life Changing Books

From the back cover:
A life filled with fast money and violence lands twenty-three year old Candice Holmes in the witness protection program designed to keep witnesses safe. When Candice finds out that no one is capable of saving her from the wrath of the ruthless family she is scheduled to testify against, she finds herself on the run.
With nowhere to hide, she ends up feeling to New York City where she is introduced to Daddy, who owns a house where little girls are doing big things. Candice soon realizes that the street life she left behind is nothing compared to what goes on at Daddy's House. Between doing what it takes to survive and hiding her identity, Candice conquers one pitfull after another. Soon, all things come to an end when she goes too-to-toe with the vicious woman who has the ability to put her six feet under, or sell her to the highest bidder.
My thoughts:
First off I saw alot of reviews on Amazon on how the story didn't seem real and they couldn't follow it. How can something like that not happen in real life? There's actually the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas that's a legalized prostitution place just like Daddy's House. The Girls dress up and wait for someone to pick em out the line and bam they do whatever.

My Rating: 5/5

Daddy Long Stroke: Cairo

Publisher:Strebor Books

Mr. Alexander Maples is a thuggish man who uses his good looks and sex game to manipulate woman every chance he gets. This man is of a different caliber. I've never seen someone who likes to have more sex then this guy.
This is my first Cairo book and he and other people were right about the fact that he's explicit with his stories, while reading this I was like WOAH! I thought it was too much at first, but then I started getting into the story. The story was funny as much as messed up at the same time. Alex disgusted me in every way, the way he treated and manipulated women was uncalled for and I found myself hating him more and more with each page that I read. But another thing that pissed me off was how stupid the women were too. I mean sometimes he was very blunt with them about what he wanted then he would ridicule them as well and they would still come back again! I mean it was like they set themselves up for it. On top of everything he was also using these women for their money as well. Sure Mr. Maples can satisfy a woman in every need that she desires but, is he capable of satisfying her in the love department? NOT! This man has no scruples and isn't capable of loving anyone but himself. He's arrogant and self-indulged...definitely not my cup of tea Mr. Maples...not by a long shot.
This story is filled with out of this world sex, drama drama drama, comedy and moments where you just want to take this man and kick the shit out of him. I definitely recommend this book but that's only if you like Raw, uncut, graphic sex and graphic language, definitely not for the faint of heart.

My Rating: 5/5

Brave Hearts: Cynthia Brown

Pages: 396
Publisher: Xilibris Corporation

This Book was definitely full of some brave people. I Loved every story in here. The book was about 14 Police Officers who showed tremendous amount of effort while on the line of Duty. Many faced the same big challenge while on duty...the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. Some of my favorite stories were of:
Rich Miller
Mike Morra
Sam Panchal
Ann-Margaret Lyons and Pete Tetukevich
Bobby Hom
John Busching
Bobby Johnson
Steve Bonano
Kai Wong
Barry Galfano
These are just the many people who have put their life on the line to protect us citizens. Reading about these people just makes me want to be an NYPD Officer more and more everyday. Especially how some of the officers described what a great passion this was for them since they were small and it's all they live for. That's exactly how I feel for it, and I cannot wait for the day. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to every Law Enforcement junkie, it's really a motivational book.

My Rating: 5/5

Lipstick Hustla: Allison Hobbs

Publisher:Strebor Books

I am a big fan of Allison Hobbs and her work, and she hasn't disappointed me yet...and I don't think she ever will. This book in my opinion is simply awesome. Even though I didn't read "Double Dippin" or "Big Juicey Lips" I could definitely envision Misty and Brick. And envision the history they had before in prior works. Allison has a way of using descriptive words to the point where you can picture the scene. She uses really graphic violence scenes that make you go DAMN! and the sex scenes are also HOT! Misty is one of those characters that you just love to hate because of all the messed up crap that she does to people. In the end she loses everything that to her she has accomplished. I seriously didn't want to see her go because I really was hoping that this would continue into a sequel but I really don't think it will. This book was definitely wicked and full of drama. She had me cracking up though with that ashy dude though. I will continue reading Allison's books. Forever a loyal fan!

My Rating: 5/5

True You: Janet Jackson, David Ritz

Pages: 272
Publisher:Gallery Books/ Karen Hunter Publishing

I Liked this book for many reasons and disliked it also. The reason I liked this book is because Janet was brave enough to really say what was going on behind the scenes when everyone thought she was happy and okay with everything. A lot of people can't straight up say hey this is what went on. Another thing was I could relate to what she went through, as a person whose always questioning her body image because of constantly being ridiculed by family and other people, I found this book empowering. I am glad I am not the only one going through this ordeal as many people out there are going through it also. I am glad that she wrote this book and confronted her demons. Because stuff like what she went though can really damage a person for life if nothing is done about it. What I didn't like about the book is that I felt It was rushed too quickly. It's like it wasn't completely put well together. I also didn't like that she used to many other people in her book, the book should have just focused on her and her struggles alone. Also she only focused on one main song of hers, she didn't really go to in depth about her life, or her acting career, such as films like: "Poetic Justice" (which is one of my fave movies) "Why Did I get Married 1 and 2" as well as go in depth about "For Colored Girls". I think she had the right idea by writing this book..I just think she needs to give more details next time. Give it another try.

My Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Picking Cotton: Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, Ronald Cotton, Erin Torneo

Pages: 304
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
In 1984, college student Jennifer Thompson endured a brutal sexual assault. What happened that night shattered not only the victim's life, but the lives of several people and their families. Mistaken identity, DNA, the power of memory, and race all figure into Picking Cotton, the incredible account of Thompson's mistakenly identifying Ronald Cotton as her attacker, and his 11-year fight to clear his name.The bookis narrated by both Jennifer and Ronald. Part one belongs to Thompson, who describes her attack in great detail. While being raped at knifepoint, Thompson willed herself to memorize her attacker's facial features. Eventually she managed to escape, later confidently telling police that she would be able to identify the intruder in a lineup. When she viewed the suspects, she immediately recognized Ronald Cotton, a local resident, as the perpetrator. Burning with rage, she testified against him at trial, then attempted to move on with her life. She reveals the problems with her then-boyfriend, her family's complex reaction to her rape, and her brief experimentation with drugs. Eventually she married and had three children, and began to heal. Part two offers Cotton's perspective,Cotton explains his poor background and the poor choices he made as an adolescent, then realizing that he was going to jail for a crime he did not commit. His description of jail life is shocking, detailing that while he tried to keep a low profile, he still constantly looked over his shoulder, ready to defend himself against attacks from fellow inmates. Cotton then met Thompson's real attacker — fellow prisoner Bobby Poole, a criminal with a history of sexual assault. Cotton noticed his strong resemblance to Poole, and immediately contacted his lawyer, asking for a new trial. After a new trial was granted on appeal, Cotton amazingly was convicted again, this time for two rapes....Thompson's and another woman's, who was attacked the same night as Thompson. When Cotton returned to prison he often thought about killing Poole but what good would that do him? At that time DNA came into the public light, in which Cotton once again contacted his lawyers so they could get hid DNA. In the end DNA cleared him and he walked out of prison 11 years later as a free man. The last parts of the book go back and fourth between Thompson and Cotton about how they coped with Thompson's picking the wrong person. She felt very guilty and to try to make light of a situation. Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson met for the first time. Towards the end of the book they started to make appearances together in the public eye. Making speeches and attending seminars how a mistake from a eyewitness can change everything. They became the best of friends actually. Who would have thought right? They even ended up saying "I Love You" at the end. That's how strong their bond was. After a while Poole finally confessed to the rapes that he committed. However, before he was brought to trial he died in prison from cancer. Karma perhaps. You do wrong, you pay the price at the end.
My Thoughts:
I sympathsized with both of them. First with Jennifer because she had went through such a traumatic experience that who could have actually focused, then she had to deal with her parents lack of respect and then her boyfriend as well accusing her of actually liking it. I mean how sick is that? Then there's poor Ronald in jail with all those criminals putting up with BS day in and day out. Trying to survive everyday and looking over his shoulder so something doesn't happen to him. I must say he has a hell of a heart to have forgiven someone who made a mistake that cost him 11 years of his life.

My Rating: 5/5

Legacy: Danielle Steel

Pages: 356
Publisher: Delacorte Press

The book starts off with the Character of the name Brigitte. Brigitte was going out with a guy for 6 years. Her friend Amy was constantly pushing her to get married and have kids, however, Brigitte didn't feel she was ready for such a commitment. But then her boyfriend had called her one day and said he had to talk to her about something. Was this the proposal that Brigitte was so afraid of? of course her friend Amy was excited. Brigitte slept on it and decided she was ready to accept his proposal. But the news was that her boyfriend had finally gotten his own dig in Eygpt, because he was a pathologist, and he was leaving to Eygypt without her. Totally crushed of course Brigitte asked if she could come, he said no and that he wanted to end their 6 year long relationship. That he wasn't ready to get married or have kids for that matter. So long story short, they ended it there. And in the very same week she lost her job at the college she was working at for 10 years. Brigitte felt that her life was a waste. She had no man, no job, and a boring ass book on Women's rights that noone would want to read. She went to her mother's house and her mother was working on an assignment of finding out about her ancestors. Brigitte took great interest in this and proceeded to go find out about them. Come to realize she had a Sioux Indian in her family and as well as Frenchmen. Wachiwi was a great fighting warrior for being....female. She rode horses better then any of the warriors in her village. And she was respected among many. When a fight occured in her village she was kidnapped by the Crows, another powerful tribe. They killed 2 of her brothers and the guy she liked. She was very ubhappy in The Crows's tribe and she attempted to escape many times but failed, the leader of the tribe desperately wanted to marry her and wanted hjer to have his children. When Wachiwi would go to the river for swims she would run into a white man named John whom she fell in love with and eventually helped her escape the crows. They finally embarked on a journey to go to Paris since John's family in New Orleans did not want nothing to do with Wachiwi because she was a savage and would never fit in with their kind. So John decided to take her to Paris where she can learn the language and the ways of his people. As they embarked on their journey to Paris on a ship he taught her french everyday and taught how to act accordingly. Unfortuantely John became very ill and died on the way to Paris. Very close to Paris I may add, there John's brother Tristan was waiting on his brother's arrival with his wife in tow. Tristan didn't expect to find out that his brother had died on his journey to Paris. He also didn't expect for his brother's wife to be...Indian. Anyhow, Tristan still took her in regardless of how the woman who took care of his children frowned upon it. Tristan grew very accustomed to Wachiwi and eventually she taught him how to ride and his son. They became very close and eventually started to fall in love. Communicating was becoming very easy because of what John had taught Wachiwi. So, they had kids and lived a fullfilling life. After that, battles starting to occur near there homeland and once again Wachiwi proved her bravery by fighting near her husband's side. They unfortunately died of age in the end. Back to Brigitte, she was in Paris when she found this all out. Of course, a professor she met there helped her out and eventually they fell in love and got together. Despite her giving him the go around.She eventually took a job in Paris for a year and started a new book on Wachiwi. I for one found this book to be very interesting. I didn't even expect for Steel to even write something like this because it's something different then she normally writes about. but, it was pleseant. I enjoyed this historical Fiction a lot and I am now interested in learning more of the Native American history.>br<

My Rating: 5/5 Stars