Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Back/ Future reading goals for 2016

Wow it's been a few months since I've reviewed a book, I fell off the reading wagon because of work. I've been working very hard the last few months not only at work but also on my weight. I lost a good 61 lbs and I feel amazing, and the past few weeks I've been working out of state, but I am back because I want to get back on my reading binges. I finished my first book today since my last one a few months ago. Will be posting a review for that one, so look out.

2016 is literally right around the corner and I definitely want to set my reading goal to reading at least 70 books for 2016. My TBR pile is out of control. What are your reading goals for 2016?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula:Andi Watson

Publisher:First Second

For this being my first graphic novel, I absolutely fell in love with it. A cute and understanding story.
Even though Princess Decomposia has enough work already she also does the work of her father; the king. See the King he's always sick. ALWAYS. As a result the princess has to do a lot of work and having to wait hand and foot to her dad doesn't make things any better. on top of that she has to deal with her subjects, the mummy, the werewolf, and the ghost always tailing behind her and spying on her. The never ending paperwork is a headache, the trying to come up with something to cook, it's all too much for the Princess to tackle on her own. None addresses her by her first name, only what she's known as: The Princess.

In comes Count Spatula, the new chef with an absolute sweet tooth. He loves baking and he loves to help out the poor Princess. He sees how busy and stressed out she is and tries every which way to lay off some of the work off of her. He even refers to her by first name! When the king finds out how close the princess and the count are, he automatically calls her and tells her that the count must go! Of course, the princess refuses and she meets up with the count on the outside world to enjoy some fresh air and spend time together without any spies. But, being disrespectful to a king has just have to see what happens.

My Rating: 5/5

Winger:Andrew Smith

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

Yet another great book that I picked up thanks to the YA Audience on social media. They never disappoint me.

Ryan Dean, he's smart, he's full of hormones, plays Rugby and very extensive colorful language. The love of his life Annie, is hot (according to Ryan's eyes), athletic, smart, and has some pretty awesome parents who just happen to both be doctors. Within the story there's plenty of Rugby action. Hitting, slamming, take downs, and apparently its all a nut smashing of a time (see what I did there). I know understand what Rugby is all about lol. Then you have all the side characters like Chas, JP, Joey (my absolute fave), Casey, Megan, Kevin and many more who come into the picture. I absolutely loved how Smith made all these characters flow into the story without thinking to yourself: "why is this character relevant"?

The story is funny, witty, pervy, and dramatic all in one. Although I did find myself hating Ryan a lot of the time, seriously I can't stand kids like him and his friends but in a way Smith makes us like them for being so stupid. If a writer can make me like a dummy like West then I guess you did your job well Mr. Smith. Everything is going so smooth in the novel. Dating, fooling around, more rugy, pervy jokes, and other mischievous things, and you get towards the end and you're like :

Absolutely didn't see that coming. But all in all I really enjoyed this book. It mad me laugh, made me get angry, fed up, sad and everything else. I think that's so essential when you're a writer. I definitely recommend this book.

My Rating: 5/5

Still Room for Hope: Alisa Kaplan


I picked this book up in the library and read the synopsis and was immediately intrigued by it. I must say I've been n a reading rut for a while and also because I was taking two extensive classes and barely had time to read. I finished this book in three days simply because I had to work and had to put it aside, otherwise I really think I could've finished this book in a day. I really enjoyed this book a lot. This story is simply powerful and refreshing at the end.

Alisha Kaplan was just sixteen years old when she was gang raped by three boys (one of which was her so called boyfriend)at a beach house party. These were her so called friends at that. Her three friends had oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her unconscious body, first on the couch and then on a pool table. They slapped her and pinched her as well as making signs to each other that she was still out cold. They continued this assault on Alisa for more than forty minutes,, mean mugging the camera pretending they were some badass gangsters. They did this all while repeatedly assaulting her with the end of a pool cue,a snapple bottle, a juice can, and a lit cigarette;she had been drugged. After her brutal rape, Alisa went on a downward spiral of relying on booze to make her feel better, and eventually it's just went downhill even further than that. She started experimenting with Meth and eventually ended up becoming a Meth addict. She was really in her lowest of lows. She started not to care about her appearance (something she always made sure was always perfect looking), she didn't shower, she started to develop those open scabs that meth heads develop when they start scratching from the creepy crawly sensation you get on your skin, she started to hang out with boyfriends that beat her repeatedly and got her high all day everyday, she started to sleep in drug house that were covered in filth, sleeping behind a dumpster at a McDonalds on an awful stained mattress. Everyday things just seemed to go even more wrong for Alisa. The media was harassing her family, following them around, overall making their life a living hell.

After she went through the ups and downs of her situation, Alisa got the help she needed from a rehab center, and she found a relationship with God after accompanying her mother on a church retreat. Being on that retreat helped open her eyes to everything that was happening with her rape and that she shouldn't blame her self for it. She became an advocate for all women out there who has been through sexual assault. She's heavily involved with her church and everyday was a growing experience for her.

I must say again this book was so good. I admire the fact that she overcame her assault(well almost) and stopped blaming herself for what happened to her. I must admit I was so angry when I read that everyone was calling her a whore and other mean and nasty stuff over something that tragically happened to her. I mean how can you really just sit there and defend those poor excuses for human beings? The courts were even worse on the stand, making her feel even more guiltier and making her out to be total trash. I felt so many emotions reading this book, it really just amazes me how disgusting and vile people are. What's even worse is that the people who did this to her were her own so-called friends. This story hits a bit to home because I had a co-worker who at the time was a friend and she was going through a similar situation, and the tragic part of it is that she is now dead because of a heroine overdose. It's truly sad.

I encourage everyone out there to read this book and let the message sink in as well if you're a survivor of a tragedy like this. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! you can get help and there will be someone out there for you willing to stay by your side and help you out.

My Rating: 5/5

Monster: Walter Dean Myers

Publisher: Amistad

Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

I've been wanting to read this book since I started seeing it all over Social media. I'm really glad I actually gave it a chance.Eleanor isn't your average girl. In fact, she's the weird one. She has big curly red hair (sorta like brave)she's chubby, wears weird clothes and she's shy. Of course, because of her awkwardness she gets teased and harassed in school on a daily basis. not to mention the fact that things at home aren't exactly peachy keen for Eleanor, adding stress to her already discombobulated life.Park is a boy fascinated by comics, rock music, black clothing, and most of all....Eleanor. At first, it seems like these two cannot stand the mere existence of each other but, as the days go by and the more of each other they see, Eleanor & Park start to develop a special bond, bringing her comic books, and cassette tapes everyday for her. They eventually start talking to each other and develop strong attraction and feelings for each other that neither one can't seem to explain. After being ridiculed for so long, she can't believe someone likes her with such an intensity like Park has for her....heck even love her as much as he does. As they go through this journey together of pure romantic bliss and awkward situations, they grow inseparable more and more everyday. Until one night...a huge problem arises with Eleanor's step father and she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life... I really enjoyed this book. It easily became one of my absolute favorite books. I highly recommend it. It's romantic, sad, makes you frustrated and angry. I can honestly say that I had many emotions going through me while reading this book. And while I love it I hope maybe there's a part 2? There's just too many unanswered questions.

My Rating: 5/5

Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

Now that I finished now what? Who will accompany me in my bed at night? lol.
I realize even more now when people say how heartbreaking it is to finish a really good book. I absolutely feel like that right now. I picked up this book at the library not realizing that the author that wrote this book is the same one that wrote Eleanor & Park. i realize now why everyone loves this author and her books. She is just simply amazing!! I could not put this book down. It took me 3 days to finish but only because I was sick. Let's break down the characters now shall we?

Cather: I can relate to her as a character. She's a quiet girl who dissolves in the fan-fiction world. She's real close to her sister, and in a way has a little kid in her still. I also love the fact that she's caring towards everyone, but she really lacks self-confidence and discipline. Just like me. I'm pretty sure she is the way she is because she never had her mother around, and that's least to me because i too grew up without a mother.

Wren: I disliked Wren from the very beginning. I thought that she was a total brat and a jerk to her sister. Of course, I started taking a bit of a liking to her at the end, but, I still didn't really like her. She had issues, and she was way too hard-headed. What made me even more mad is how she didn't want to be around her sister when she got to college. Or when she didn't tell Cather about talking to their mother.

Levi: I really had no problem with Levi until he was caught in the kitchen of his party kissing another girl. My inner guy wanted to jump through the pages and punch him square in that jaw of his. But, I did think he was a sweetheart. He truly cared for cather and I'm glad they got together.

Nick: He's a jerk for taking credit for a story that him and Cather wrote together. Bottomline total D-bag.

Reagan: She's was weird and a jerk also in her own way. Wasn't too fond of her either.

I really enjoyed this book, like ALOT! I wasn't too crazy about the story that Cather was writing, mainly because I'm not a Vampire story fan like that. But, I thought it was very creative of the author to put in the book. Overall, I highly recommend the book. It's a page turner and you will definitely get lost in the story and into the characters.

Happy Reading!

My Rating: 5/5